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  • Proof-reading
  • Certification
  • Project management for multilingual projects
  • Terminology projects and glossaries


  • English > French
  • German > French

Other languages on request!

Areas of specialization and types of texts

  • Medicine / Pharmacy
    Patient information, clinical trials, medical reports, monographs, training documents, presentations, scientific articles, drug approvals, package leaflets, questionnaires, surveys, brochures, summaries of product information, laboratory documents, popular science articles…

  • Economy / Finance
    Annual reports, balance sheets, quotes, contracts, brochures, press releases, business correspondence, product presentations, company presentations, websites, banking documents (internal and external), employee handbooks, quality management manuals…

  • Law
    Court decisions, legal correspondence, powers of attorney/authorizations, wills and testaments, articles of incorporation/association, general terms and conditions, partners’/shareholders’ resolutions…

  • Official documents
    Birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, certificates, degrees, extracts from the commercial register…

  • Tourism and culture
    Brochures, flyers, web sites about countries, cities, regions, hotels and restaurants, museums, exhibitions, biographies of artists and musicians…

  • Literature
    Literary articles…

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